Legenda dxchart


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A chart's legend lists all chart series. The DxChartLegend component implements the chart legend. Use the Visible property and series' Name property to specify the legend's visibility and text, and the Position property to specify the legend's position. Dec 26, 2017 · Each series defines data’s appearance and behavior.

Legenda dxchart

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Real-time visibility and control of water, process farming, weather & wells - from anywhere. dxChart({; // legend: {; customizeItems: function(items) {; return items.sort( function(a, b) {; var itemA = a.text.toLowerCase();; var itemB = b.text.toLowerCase   Overview. The legend is a chart component that helps a user identify series. It contains several colored items, one per series.

How to: Add a Custom Legend Item. Nov 13, 2018; To add a new custom item to a legend, create a new instance of the CustomLegendItem class and add it to the Legend.CustomItems collection. Then, configure the custom item, for example, using the CustomLegendItem.Text property to set the item's text and the CustomLegendItem.MarkerImage property to set an item's image.

Legenda dxchart

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